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We have so many things to be excited about these days! Here are just a few of them:

Soaks and Skrubs!
A new line of bath products including bath bombs, exfoliating facial scrubs, bath salts and goat milk baths. As we expand our gift section, who wouldn't be excited about locally made products like these?

Nal Binding!
An ancient, Norwegian fiber art technique that pre-dates knitting, nal binding is done with a needle and your thumb. Three dimensional in nature, use it to make mittens, slippers, hats, etc. We have a class starting soon!

Our new angora blend rovings!
We custom designed these rovings from Bobbi's own angora rabbits and had them processed into rovings for us. Spin the dream with merino/angora/silk, baby alpaca/merino/silk or superwash merino/angora/synthetic angora (nylon) which is a luxurious angora blend that is strong enough for socks and machine washable!