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Handspun Yarns
Did you know we have a selection of handspun yarns? If you are looking for a little something to give your project a special touch, try adding an accent yarn! And what better accent than a one-of-a-kind handspun yarn?

Japanese books
Japanese knitting and crocheting is taking the world by storm and we are in the eye of that tornado. Come get your books (and get help) to learn the fun techniques and impress your friends whether they are fiber artists or not!

Rare Earth Magnet Shawl Pins
Do you have a delicate lace shawl that you are hesitant to poke a regular shawl pin through? We have the answer! Bobbi saw something similar while on her travels and we have made some of our own. These local made (literally, in the back room and at our very own magic table) magnet shawl pins are made of the most beautiful polished stones and incredibly strong magnet will let you wear your shawl with confidence that it won't fall off. 

Miss Em's Knit
Many of you have seen the Little Cotton Rabbit knitting patterns. They are the most adorable little creatures we have ever seen, and now we have the completed animals for sale at our store! Come see the cute little things and choose one to take home.