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 Heindselman's Knit & Gift
America's Oldest Yarn Shop

Welcome To Heindselman's Knit and Gift

We're happy to have you here! Our store features not just yarn and gifts but also treats, water, and a nice table to sit around. We stay open for you, you're important here. If ever you need help, please ask any of our staff, we're all skilled at knitting, spinning, weaving, or crochet and what we don't know, we'll look up or refer you to someone with the needed skill set. Thanks for coming by!



We are constantly looking to bring new and lovely items into the store for you to take home with you. We are also working hard to make sure that we are carrying products that are locally made or responsibly sources. What does that mean? It means the companies we buy from a re actively engaged in improving the lives of their employees and communities. We don't have a problem with buying foreign made products as long as it benefits real people, and recently we have receive some great new pieces we are very excited about. 


IT'S HERE! Join us (and the other 8 great shops) for Yarn Crawl 2024! Participating shops also include: 
Needlepoint Join in Ogden, Seed Stitch in Bountiful, Yarn on the Corner in Sandy, Willow Hill Yarn Company in West Jordan, Wasatch and Wool in Park City, Petit Fours and Purls in Lehi, Harmony in Provo, and Julia's Shop in Richfield. The fun runs July 13th to 20th, and it's great deals, swag, and SO MUCH fun!! Get a punch card at the 1st shop you visit and get a punch at each different shop. complete the card and turn it in for a grand prize. It's not "the" grand prize because each participating shop offers a grand prize. Check them out as you go between the shops and then leave your completed card at the shop where you want to win. Each shop will also have a special YARN CRAWL offer and shops may also do daily give-aways! As for Heindselman's, we are doing all 3. There will be daily give-aways, and a grand prize valued at over $300 which includes a knitting needle set ( and case ) a crochet hook set ( and case ) a commemorative one-of-a-kind hand dyed sock blank to work into the project of your choice, a beautiful tote bag and store credit to stock up on any notions your heart desires! Our Yarn Crawl special offer is the introduction of a brand new, Utah themed Raven Frog colorway. Red Cliffs is the beauty of the St. George area at sunset: the red rocks, the desert sage, the purple mountains in the distance. It is available in all weights from fingering to bulky, a verity of fibers with great pattern support. Any purchase of the Red Cliffs colorway yarn during Yarn Crawl will also include one of the new, custom faux leather Raven Frog logo tags to personalized your work! 


For Crafters

Crochet Hook/Knitting Needle sets: Check out our great selection of knitting needle and crochet hook sets in a wide range of prices. Never be without the right size tool again with these great sets. Blocking Mats/Wires: Don’t know what they need?  locking wires and mats help create the perfect finished look for a knitted or crocheted piece, and make a wonderful gift for any  crafter who wants the right finish to their projects.

Books: We have a wonderful selection of books for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and tatters. These are lovely reference and instructional books to pique every interest. We also have a “like new” book section – books that every crafter should have on their shelf, many of which are out of print. Get a lot more for your money with used books that are good as new!

Handspun/Art Yarn: Handspun yarn is just magical, and we have an entire display of locally produced handspun and art yarns. A single skein creates a small project or becomes a stunning accent element in a larger piece. We have a wonderful selection of various colors, textures and weights. 

Activity Books: Every single yarnster will have fun with the puzzles, word searches and brain teasers in this fun series of knitting and crochet activity books. You don’t need to know their favorite color, preferred fibers or anything and you can still be sure you are giving them a gift they will love!

Yarn Bowls: Check out our beautiful, locally produced, hand thrown pottery yarn bowls. Keep those balls of yarn corralled with these useful works of art. Work Lights: Who can’t use better lighting? From tiny little (but LED bright) lights that fit in a knitting bag to use anywhere to the beautiful slim line LED floor lamp, we have the light to make a crafter’s work better and brighter.

Winders/Swifts: Every longsuffering companion to a yarnster will be thrilled to learn that there is a TOOL that holds those skeins of yarn (you know how you hold your hands up while they wind? A swift does it for you!) AND ball winders that create center pull balls of yarn in a matter of seconds. A gift for them that is really a gift for you too!

Stocking Stuffers
: The things that no fiber artist can have too many of: stitch markers tapestry needles, folding scissors, measuring tape, magnifiers, reading glasses, repair tools, and so much more!

For Everyone

Photographic Puzzles: With 300, 500 and 700 piece options there is a fun option for everyone. These puzzles are a digital photograph and the edge of the puzzle is the shape of the figure – the moose is shaped like a moose, the fish is shaped like a fish… you get it. With nearly 20 different designs you can have lots of fun.

S'Mores Checkers
: It’s traditional checkers… with a twist! The checkers are marshmallows: toasted and white! The board is graham cracker and chocolate squares and it is the funnest checkerboard ever. But wait….There’s more! Play regular checkers or use the shaker to roll the dice and on your move you get to move your opponent’s pieces as well as your own. It adds a level of strategy never before seen in the world of Checkers!

Board Games: We have a line of hilarious board games: Charty Party, where players explain what the provided chart is diagramming; Venns with Benefits where you figure out the connection between 2 very random things and Puns of Anarchy where you answer questions by “tweaking” a common phrase into something else. They are all hilarious and great for holiday family get togethers.

Pottery and Pine Needle Baskets: Locally produced, hand thrown pottery to beautify a home. A lovely gift for just about anyone. Also locally produced, hand woven pine needle baskets are practical, beautiful and everyone can find a use for them.

Beeswax Candles
: Coming to us from the great Chapman Family Farm in Oak City, Utah, we have candles in all shapes and sizes. Beeswax burns at a very high temperature, making them clean burning and very long lasting. And… beeswax! Who doesn’t love the subtle, lovely natural aroma of beeswax?

Woven Home Décor
: Wonderful hand woven table runners, placemats and more. Dress up the holiday table and support artisans around the world through the fair trade organization Ten Thousand Villages. Bags, bags and more bags! We have bags for just about every need: the sturdy handmade BeLeaf bags that support artisans in Africa, beautiful cloth tote bags, smaller hand crocheted purses and project bags. A useful and beautiful gift for anyone.

: The heart of the home, we have wonderful things for the kitchen: decorative trivets, sunny designs on towels, classic tea towels and check out the great Mason jar accessories – turn Mason jars into cheese graters, candle holders, flower vases and much more. You can even turn a Mason jar into a mini lunch box.

Top Sellers